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Points for F1 Drivers December 18, 2003

Posted by jbwan in General.
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Just read this article on a vague idea cast by Max Mosley (chief of motorsport in F1). He seems to be suggesting that a points system similar to that used in Ireland should be introduced into F1. Drivers would clock up points for offences and then would be suspended from races when they cross a limit. Personally I think it is a stupid idea that will bring F1 closer to a stand still were the track positions on the starting grid will be held until the finish and nobody will ever pass again. I’m all for increased driver safety but there are limits. Having been an F1 fan for over 14 years I find my own interest in the sport is waining greatly in recent times. source: Irish Times


No Relationship Whatsoever? December 17, 2003

Posted by jbwan in Humour.
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Just picked this link off of Boing Boing (indeed a directory of weird and wonderful things). It seems to be an organisation that helps supposed cousins to get married and eliminate any myths associated with traditional cousin marriages through folklore. source: CUDDLE International

DVD Recorders December 16, 2003

Posted by jbwan in Technology.
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The future is… well the future is the future but here’s an article on the present and the emmergence of DVD recorders with built-in hard disk drives. Now you can record your favourite shows to the hard disk and burn them down to DVD later on. Makes sense really and I wonder why exactly it is a headlining story but anyway it’s worth mentioning if only for the growth predictions. source: CNN.com

A Virtual Takeover? December 16, 2003

Posted by jbwan in Technology.
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In the day that we live, our world has gone from global downturn/recession to an up and coming, looking good for the future, marketplace in the space of only a few months. Testament to one of two things in my opinion, 1) the strength of recovery power that now exists between nations who can’t solve the debt of the 3rd world between them or 2) the power of the media who can now spin stories that make us believe anything we would be persuaded to read or listen to.

Anyway technology is still down and that is agreed amongst many out there. As such it is extremely interesting that EMC (a market giant) are making a $635M cash offer for the makers of VM Ware (Virtual Machine software that allows more than one concurrently running operating system on a single machine). Obviously the future of technology is very bleak and EMC just want to speed up their demise. I think not!! source: The Register

Call for Cheaper Motor Insurance? December 11, 2003

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Seemingly the IFSRA have recently conducted a study that shows how motor insurance quotes can vary greatly from one company to another. Personally I was amazed at this study. No, no not the findings but the fact that they actually took so long to conduct it on information that could have been obtained from two phone calls and has been known for years. They are asking people to shop around and on RTE radio yesterday the differences were explained by each insurers experience of the market…

…rubbish!! The differences are purely explained by the want and unspoken agreement between insurers who profiteer in certain focus areas. How many insurers actively insure young drivers without legal threats under the Equal Status Act, the same goes for aged drivers these days too. There are also certain insurers that specialise in insurance for females and others that actively pursue those with claims or convictions to offer them a quote that nobody else would. The insurance market is divided purely on how best to share and make the profit and it is not shopping around that the consumer needs, it is regulation! Motor insurance in Ireland is required by law and as such should be regulated by government. A published scale should exist and should be enforced, linked to driving experience not age and no claims bonus benefits, so that we don’t have the scenario were safe young, three years behind the wheel without an accident Mike aged 23 pays Eur 4000 and no experience Joe aged 40 pays Eur 600. Regulate the market, stop the profiteering and get a grip on what the public outcry has been about. It’s a simple task! source: Irish Times