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Flock Me! May 5, 2007

Posted by jbwan in Technology.

For a long time now I have known of Flock (the multi-platform web browser). For some reason or other I never bothered downloading it for my Mac to try it out and enjoy all the features that it boasts. Silly me! Just been setting up my new iMac and downloaded Flock. It is impressive, especially the way in which it seamlessly integrates with your Flickr account, blogging software and del.icio.us accounts. I don’t know if I’ll go back to Firefox for a while after this. Flock is just so enjoyable at the moment but I know that the shininess can’t last forever. link: Flock – the social web browser



1. Evan Hamilton - May 10, 2007

Hey Jonathan,

Thanks for the Flock love, I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Our significantly-upgraded 0.8 version should be out in the next couple of months…keep an eye out for it!

Evan Hamilton
Flock Community Ambassador
evan at flock dot com

2. Jonathan Brazil - May 11, 2007

Thanks for the comment Evan, I’ll definitely keep my eye on the upcoming release.

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