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An Apple a day… April 24, 2007

Posted by jbwan in General, Technology.

Last night at approximately 21:18 I finally gave in to temptation and clicked the little button that said purchase. Yes, continuing my love of Apple products I have fallen before the grace of the 24″ iMac and decided that my life would be meaningless without it. I really would have liked to max out all the upgrades but let’s face it, I’m not made of money. So, in the end I went for the base model with 2GB of RAM and a wireless keyboard and mouse option. Apparently this is one of Apple’s most popular configurations but do I care that I’m just another one of the mob? Absolutely not at all! I really wanted the 3GB of RAM but couldn’t justify paying Apple a further EUR 550 for a 2GB DIMM that would be swapped with one of my existing 1GB DIMMs. A 2GB DIMM on komplett only costs EUR 362 and the iMac is incredibly easy to upgrade the RAM should blog posts ever dictate a requirement for the extra memory :). I’ll post a little review of it when I’ve had time to play around with it a bit – there’s a possibility it may even arrive this week. Yippeeeeee! link: Apple – iMac



1. Brian White - April 24, 2007


I know there’s a certain nostalgia towoards PPC over Intel but the performance will win you over.. and Apple’s Universal Binaries make the change a complete non-issue.

If you’re looking to spend even more money, I’d highly recommend a copy of Parllels. The ability to try every combination of Linux distro side-by-side is worth the $80.

2. Jonathan Brazil - April 24, 2007

Thanks! The pain of parting with PPC is getting easier, just have to keep telling myself that there were no PPC chips, ever. That and the pant wetting euphoria of a 24″ screen with my name on it. Not literally of course. 🙂

I think that I’ll give it a while before loading another OS onto it via parallels but yup a purchase will most likely be on the cards.

3. Jason Spence - April 24, 2007

With the current market share that the Mac has, I don’t think you have to worry about being one of the mob. 🙂 Just owning a Mac sets you apart.

4. Jonathan Brazil - April 24, 2007

Hi Jason, us Mac owners have always been set apart. Owning one is truly a pleasure. I’ve also heard that we don’t go bald… 🙂

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