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First touch of Joost March 2, 2007

Posted by jbwan in Technology, TSSG.

Just got myself a Joost invite yesterday and decided to try it out. I’ve heard good and I’ve heard bad things about it. However, I went in with an open mind. Within 5 minutes of downloading the application the dancing crystals started to drive me mad but that’s just one of these things so I put it to the side. I browsed the channels available to me and decided to watch some motoring action from the Fifth Gear crew. I selected my preference of programme and clicked play. The transmission was jumpy to say the least, not something that I would put up with should I elect it as a medium to watch TV. I found this odd considering I have a strong 2 meg DSL line and have watched better quality youtube videos without any buffering problems. After a while I gave up watching and left it running in the background only to be surprised several minutes later when after a moment of silence the audio and video started up again on the next program that I had not selected? Not a good idea: I didn’t click it, I don’t want it, don’t play it and eat my bandwidth! My first impression of Joost? Good idea, but just not compelling enough or of decent enough quality to make me turn away from cable channel repeats of the same shows. Sorry guys, I hope the post-Beta release is better for you.



1. John - March 18, 2007

Hey do you think I could get an invite?
johnnyonthenet – gmail

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