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A new depth of shallowness December 24, 2006

Posted by jbwan in General.

For so long now the majority of Western civilisation has lived life based on the shallow assumption that looks are everything. For so long people have been driven to distraction, to think that their teeth are no white enough, their bodies are not correctly shaped or God knows what else. Just this week I caught a trailer on TV for a new show called “Ugly Betty” – from what I can see it is a show about a supposedly ugly girl who is trying to make it in the business world. While the greater ending to this story may well be the so very tired cliché that her looks will no matter and she will rise to the top and then will relive the ugly duckling becomming a swan again, there lies a deeper worry… The girl portrayed as Ugly Betty is far from being ugly in any way. In fact the only reason that we are being pushed into thinking that she is, is that she has braces on her teeth and ordinary looking glasses. Is this really the message that we should be sending out to the world that not only are looks everything but even if you are as good looking as the next person, God help you if you need glasses or braces? C’mon!!



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