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A Government That Understands June 17, 2005

Posted by jbwan in General, Politics.

The last two days have spoken volumes about the government of this country. Yesterday came the comments from Seamus Brennan that pensioners should be allowed to re-mortgage their houses to the state to gain more money in later life (source: Irish Times). Now, just how would these pensioners pay back the loan? Possible answer state owns house when pensioner dies. Today the “teflon taoiseach” announced that the EU constitution was not defeated yet (some would say the reason is that we have not been allowed to vote on it). Instead he remarks that parliaments have not lost touch with the people but rather it is the people who do not understand the document (source: Today FM 1100h News). Ladies and gents I give you democracy in action! When the people disagree, it is the people who are wrong. I wonder what we will hear next…

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